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Whether it was by accident or conspicuously, you have come across the main wikia page of the Pharmakembru book series. While asking yourself how that particular word is pronounced and if it's even from the English language - it obviously couldn't be - you move your finger to scroll up and down the page, looking for answers on what it could possibly mean. Perhaps reading the other pages of the wikia can shed some light.

The Pharmakembru Series

It's an interesting time we live in. We have technology that allows us to communicate with anyone, either half-way around the world or right beside us. We have the means to even travel anywhere on the planet, and with our incredible adaptability, humans can not only survive, but thrive. We can make food from almost nothing, and medicine from the limitless chemicals being discovered daily. With the right amount of money, that is.

Surely, if something were to change, if an apocalypse - of any sort - were to happen, humans would see it coming and even prevent it.


Voting for SOOP (12/9/16)

I submitted my story Pharmakembru: The Face to SOOP Publishing for voting - and it got accepted!

Please check it out and give a vote! All you need is an email address and a name!

Here's the link:

If you would like to read before voting, here is a preview:

Thank you!


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